Derpywaffles101 Derpywaffles101 2 December 2020


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Jaworski76 Jaworski76 4 May 2020

Online Learning-"Our New Normal"

So now that we have been out of school for about 2 months now, and have transition from a traditional classroom setting to online instruction, how are you doing ?  Are you overwhelmed?  What issues or concerns do you have.  Do you think that your child is having a meaningful learning experience?  What can be done going forward to improve our surrent situation.

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Russjohnson09 Russjohnson09 2 November 2012

JUMP program

I found this article on from this post on ResearchGate and found it pretty interesting. I feel that there may exist some innate ability in people to be able to do certain things, but this innate ability is extremely overestimated. I am of the opinion that the work that you put into learning a skill has so much more of an impact that the idea of 'innate ability' plays very little role. It is this idea that holds a lot of people back from learning a skill.

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Rekha Anand Rekha Anand 22 July 2011

Asssembly enquiry

Dear Seema

I have got my assembly on Saturday and would appreciate if you could give me inputs on the topic helping others. I am going to do a demonstration wherein students will find out through the activity that by helping others we get blessed eternally.

Do you have any other topic which could be taken on the spot in case of emergencies.


Rekha Anand

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