A frequent problem that can occur with wikiformatting is a failure for auto-linewrap to occur. Normally Mediawiki will figure out where to break the lines for you, and prevent the text from going off the screen. There are three instances where Auto-wrap tends to get disabled. In each instance, it happens as a result of a line being physically indented. These failures are usually the result of creating lists, indenting, and framing text and/or images.

Lists[edit source]

Probably the number one cause of broken autowrap. Typically the idea is to create list as follows:

  1. Item One
  2. Item Two
  3. Item Three

The headache is that if you enter it that way, Mediawiki ignores all the spaces and you get something that looks like:

1. Item One 2. Item Two 3. Item Three

A common mistake is to compensate by indenting. This has the effect of creating a box in which the lines fail to wraparound on their own. Sometimes the resulting effect is desirable, but usually there is a problem with lines running off the screen.

Mediawiki provides to solutions for getting around the problem for both bulleted lists, and numbered lists.

Bulleted Lists

* Item One
* Item Two
* Item Three
  • Item One
  • Item Two
  • Item Three

Numbered Lists

# Item One
# Item Two
# Item Three
  1. Item One
  2. Item Two
  3. Item Three

Indenting[edit source]

To create an indented paragraph, start the line with a colon. This will cause the entire paragraph to be indented five spaces to the left, while preserving autowrap.

Framing[edit source]

The third main cause of formatting problems is the occasional need to set apart specific pieces of text and/or images. If you are not too particular about the size of an image, use of the thumb option will often be sufficient and allows for text as well.

If you do need to be particular, using a wikitable to form a box can be the answer. In most cases, the following code should to the job for you.

{| width="30%"  align="right" 
|  style="border:1px solid #aaa;background-color:#fbfbfb;padding-left:5px;"|

Insert whatever you are framing here.


Insert whatever you are framing here.

The code above results in the box to the right. Depending on what you want to do, you can move the box to the left, or even make it bigger. Or even change the background color.

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